Valentines Expectations

True Love as the fairy tales tell us can break any curse and any magic that is bad for us. A part of us believe’s this, as love is a powerful force in our lives. However the road to true love doesn’t always run smooth. There can be many painful experiences in and through to true love. One of these areas of true love that doesn’t always run smooth I find in my work as a Relationship Counsellor, is unrealistic expectations when it comes to Valentines day. I have seen many couples around Valentines Day that often come in with hurt pain and anger to do with unfulfilled hopes to do with how their Valentines Day experience didn’t live up to their expectations. While these couples have hurts and wounds from other areas of their relationship lives that need to be addressed, these pains are often greater when the True Love day doesn’t go as planned. Valentines Day will not break the spell of difficulty in relationships and when it doesn’t, in the way unconsciously or consciously hoped for this can exacerbate the woundedness in the relationship that already exists.

Approach Valentines day with realistic expectations, enjoy your couple-ness, enjoy your love, celebrate the gift your relationship is, and acknowledged if there are challenges for you as a couple, don’t deny your integrity and honesty, because this is True Love and it can break the spell of living in fantasy and inviting you to live in reality, and to recognise Love as a way to grow together.

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